2013 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Any celebratory event is an aesthetic parcel of good entertainment, family bonding, freedom and artistic pleasure. Reasons can go unexplained as why people think and feel artistic during these times. One such uplifting occasion is our very own Easter. It comes with egg decorations which is the most important ingredient of Easter celebration. This is a special season of the year when children and adults unite to rejoice and to liberate their souls. Since Easter is all about eggs, unique Easter egg decorating becomes the core attraction. The medium of exclusive experimentation can be colours, materials or the egg itself.

Colour Tantrums

If you are to unleash the colourful side of your personality, then this is the place and time to loosen the strings. There is no end to acrylic dyes in the market which you can lay your hands on to produce the most striking combination of patterns on the eggs. A lot of colours come in glossy shades, shimmery tones and matte hues that can be duly combined or mixed to create extraordinary tints. Hand painting is another option wherein designs can be painted; spray-painted or air-brushed using spray bottles. Sometimes some palette of colours comes with stencils to reproduce motifs with accuracy in order to make striking egg shells. Colouring remains the most traditional decorating concept and can be home-made with organic materials.

Bling It On

Embellishments add to the beauty and attractiveness of egg shells and are available in different forms. Crafts shops have an array of materials like ribbons, felt hats, trimmings and so forth that are used to transform a mere egg shell into a human head. The proper places just need a touch of colour so that the shell looks like an “egg-head”. Designs can be imprinted with readymade stickers which can turn the egg into a bejewelled one. Swirled eggs, textured eggs, dotted eggs and decked up eggs come in close association with this idea of adding or implanting extra materials. This aesthetically intensifies the whole look.

Specks and Dots

The sponged look is also in vogue which is created by a series of simple steps. It establishes a smeared look that is natural and attractive. For this, you have to use a dampened sponge brushed in colour and then dab it on random areas of the egg’s surface leaving spaces in between. The riot of vivid colours against the colourless backdrop looks very fetching that outshines many modern egg decorating designs.

Personalization Mix

Egg shells can be even used as a drawing paper where children can simply use their brush strokes for abstract scribbling, writing names or construing geometric forms. This would resemble graffiti look and provide a sense of ambiguity in the art. Not always that you would like an organized meaningful art on Easter eggs.

These ideas can be mixed and matched with each other to create unique symbols or images. For extra zing, you can try paining two sides of an egg in two different ways. That would be some real Easter egg decorating.

Christmas Decoration Ideas 2012

Want a set of budget Christmas decoration ideas to light up your days of festivity? Here’s exactly what you are looking for.  Christmas decoration fancies get more experimental with passing years but one thing be maintained that the spirit of festivity, fun and frolic is to be captured in the air of the décor completely. The elements of joy in holidays, the angel spirits and the holy coming of the messiah shall be featured in the symbols involved in the décor to bring out the host’s endeavor at keeping up with legacy and innovating stylish Christmas decors at the same time.

Pine cones

Celebrate the arrival of winter with all the joys and merriment in your Christmas themed beautifications. Slot in assorted pine cone novelties in your pack of items on the mantelpiece. The gesture defines the beauty of Christmas the spirit of the season. Dip the cones in lovely colorful glitters, preferably gold and silver to bring in a jazzy, lighted effect. The glimmering refractivity will amuse your worthy guests and set in the ambience in the right track.


Insert flickering flames of auspicious air in empty wine bottles. Select candles of golden shine for a celebratory space that ensue glamorous, designer look while plain white ones for a look of olden Celtic household. The cult airs of the shadowy, enigmatic candelabras inspire the godliness of Christian ceremonies.

Card display

Display the colorful array of Christmas invites that are flooding your mailboxes. Make a collage or a pin-on board full of Christmas invites with lovely covers inspiring vivacity and charm. Christmas invites are sometimes too pretty to throw out. Here’s how you decorate with them. Make sure to embellish with some enlivening spray paints and added glitters in a strategically devised way. Feature covers with pictures of snowmen, Christmas trees, baubles and bells to set the mood perfectly.

Candid candies

Lay out those carefully filled bowls of colorful holiday candies. They look sweet and smell pure. bright bowls filled with small assorted candies will add a soft hue to the whole setting. Lay them out on low tables in fancy, stemmed glassware.

Guardian angels

Create a battalion of serene white paper angels. Cut out white paper plates and sponge bars into simple shapes of wings and heads to feature the enigma of angelic presence in the celebratory space.

Feature more color through baubles, miniature santas, ribbons, bows and wreaths in your Christmas decoration ideas.

Pictures Of Decorated Christmas Trees 2012

Get pictorial details of Christmas tree decorations to spruce up your mental picture of a fascinating tree which defines the aura of total fulfillment, joy and the mirth of winter in this special season.  The occasion brings so much color and vibrancy to it that it is hard to restrain from celebration without reveling in the partying spirit, of perfect methods of wining, dining and most importantly personal home decorations which mainly and principally revolves around the item which is regarded as the guiding spirit, the centerpiece of a drawing room throughout the entire season—the Christmas tree. Pictures of decorated Christmas trees are now in vogue in the forums for providing tips for the tree decoration. Here are some amusing tips for the thematic structure of your Christmas tree.

Represent the season of snow with dominance of white

Bring in the metallic luster in the ornamentation while keeping the dominant part of the frame a soothing, pacifying white, as though the frigidity of the snow is at the heart of the room surrounding the tree in an embrace of wintery fantasies.

Sensational touch of crystal

Make a frame of crystal clarity and the tone of dazzling jewels. This defines a statement of designer style and the sparkling sensations bring the sense of magnificence. Trinkets in beaded fashions can be hung up and down the lovely tree to enhance the ornate sense of the space. gleaming lanterns of dazzling vigor can be put across the space in the fashion of a garland of lights. The aura is of enigma and is amazingly sensational!

Miniature trees

Give the décor a cute twang. Make tabletop models of sweet momentous items. The fine artistry involved in the affair of making defining pieces of Christmas trees is superior.

Pictures of decorated Christmas trees are now available which can be utilized to reproduce and infuse such ingenious themes of picturesque quality.

Make your Thanksgiving special with our Thanksgiving decoration ideas

Make your Thanksgiving special with our Thanksgiving decoration ideas

Everyone wants Thanksgiving to be as perfect as any other auspicious occasion, and in all ways, the occasion deserves speciality, but the question that remains with us is ?how?. How to make a Thanksgiving ceremony special is always one of the most difficult questions to answer with an easy answer; ?with our Thanksgiving decoration ideas?.

Here are few Thanksgiving decoration ideas that may help in making your thanksgiving special. They are:

Make the party as natural as you can:

It may sound weird but it?s true. Natural looking places or natural decoration always works out best as far as occasion like Thanksgiving is concerned. One may choose a lawn and decorate it for the ceremony, or one may book a natural looking restaurant. Outdoor places prove to be magic for Thanksgiving parties.  If outdoor place is not available, go for a place which can be given natural look to the maximum.

Chose light colors:

Choosing out light colors like white and pink adds up a special essence to the Thanksgiving ceremony. These colors not only look elegant, but also compliment other decorations that you have put up for the Thanksgiving.

Go for candles:

Instead of using much light to lighten the place, go for the use of candles. It is easily understood that candles will not substitute lights completely, but the meaning is, use as many candles as you can. Candles add up an essence of purity and integrity, making the ceremony special.

Go for beautiful food:

There should be absolutely no compromise with the quality of the food. Food is an essential part of any party, and thus should be taken care of properly. If possible, get the best catering agencies work on it, even if they charge more. If you are cooking yourself, emphasis more on the items that you cook well!


Make your Thanksgiving special with our Thanksgiving decoration ideas


Fall Decorating Ideas For Outside

To many decorators everywhere, the fall seems to be the most wonderful season that they enjoy doing decorations with. It is like a good aura for them to do their job and they do it with gusto. Fall is the favorite time of many decorators because it gives them flexibility to use autumn colors which are very nature and stylish.


The classic hues of amber, light orange, yellow gold, deep brown, light brown, red orange, pale crimson and so forth, these are the hues that are very nice to work with. It gives warmth to the design and theme which is very alluring to customers. Fall is one of the best seasons where decorating is very enjoyable and fun. Experienced decorators and amateur decorators find that fall season is the best time where they can use their vibrant creations and put into life. The colorful items they are to use are so lively and creates an artistic mood.


Using natural leaves. Nature inspires you to decorate your outdoors. Giving your porch a fresh aura from the natural fall leaves and trees and contrasting it with some bright yellows would be so wonderful to see. Leaves are usually the symbol of fall, since the term itself ?fall?, when leaves fall, autumn is here.


Using accessories. Some decorators would use different accessories that would fit the fall season and would look great outdoors. The use of pumpkins is one idea that is lovely to see. A big pumpkin sitting on a pile of fallen leaves would give a dramatic effect.


Using  ornamental fall flowers. These fall flowers can be used to accentuate the outdoors by making it look like real flowers during autumn season. Find the flowers that will fit the chosen hues and those that would complement the outdoor couches.


Using artificial grass. The outdoors could probably have real grass already, but using ornamental or artificial grass would let you put other accessories that will fit the theme. Pairing the flowers and the grass with result to a realistic fall scene; they complement each other well that?s why many decorators would overuse them.


Using gourds and pumpkins. The gourds and the pumpkins are very nice items to use when you want to do a fall decorating ideas for outside. These items could be used as general accessory all around the place. It can be placed on the center table piled together with some fall flowers. Or a whole bunch in the corner would look great too.


When decorating, in general so to say, always remember the following to make the theme work well and good. Always remember whenever you decorate outdoor patios, hallways, entrance, and porches, keeping in mind color, texture, symmetry, and accessories to use, and the curb appeal. Make sure that you get a good look on the outdoor decorations from afar (like from the street), as well as on a close up. It has to look great on both distances. This will show how well you were able to decorate the outdoors.